Steel pillars foundations

Steel pillars foundations is still a less known domain on the market, but it perfectly completes Unic Rotarex®  steel house building system.

Steel pillars foundationsSteel pillars foundations are not just another possibility of making foundations, but also a solution which completes some of the shortcomings of classic foundations.

The galvanized steel from which the pillars are manufactured guarantees high durability of the foundation. The assembling speed, precision, and easy leveling are just a few advantages of this type of foundations.

Just imagine how simple you can reach high foundation depths which, in other cases, request additional works and very high costs (contractive, marshy, sandy soils etc.).




steel pillars screwingScrewing the pillars is a simple procedure which can be done with a mini excavator equipped with a screwing device.

Imagine how simple are the steel pillar foundations leveled compared to the classic ones. The pillars’s rods are longer and are being cut at the end of the operation, resulting in a perfect screwing of the pillars. Another option is to introduce them from the beginning at the needed depth in order to level the upper part flanges.

The screwing depth is given by the depth of the appropriate soil, calculated based on the geotechnical study.


steel foundation on pillarsThe steel pillars foundations types proposed by us can be used with concrete superstructure and with Unic Rotarex® lightweight steel superstructure.

The steel pillars foundations are already used successfully with Unic Rotarex® steel superstructure, combined with Krinner soil screws. Unic Rotarex® pillars are still in the approval and development phase and they will be on the market as soon as possible. This will complete Unic Rotarex® constructive system which already brought many advantages for our clients.



house with steel pillars foundationThis building is on a lake’s shore and it is placed on sandy soil, with a foundation depth of 3,2 meters. You can imagine how much would the foundation cost comparing to the house itself. There are investments which are not justifying their costs because of these causes. How disappointed can be a buyer of this type of land when he finds out that the money for the entire building must be invested in the foundation, which due to the water found on low depth doesn’t allow building a basement, but all he could see at the start was a wonderful view.

This steel pillars foundations solution, proposed by Unic Rotarex® has already made some people happy and we continue to demonstrate that the limits are not the ones we already know and we can still expand them.